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Before choosing where to buy hcg online, it’s important to take a few things into consideration and determine which supplier will best fit your needs. First, which HCG hormone form do you prefer?  There are typically 3 popular options to choose from:

HCG Diet Injections

HCG Diet Drops (Real)

HCG Diet Pellets


If you are working with an Hcg diet coach or your physician, they can guide you in choosing the product that will work best with you.  Particularly since most dieters report great success with HCG Diet Drops containing REAL HCG, and since these are readily available, you’re specialist may eagerly suggest these before trying injections.  According to a pole done by HCG Diet Info, all of these products were found to be successful alone as well as WITH Injection Kits.   HCG Diet Drops containing REAL Hcg, reported as having the best results.  If you are queasy with needles and even the the idea of the smallest needle still has you wincing, you may want to consider REAL Hcg diet drops.

We believe in the HCG protocol because we’ve seen the results first hand.  I have personally lost and maintained my 70 lb weight loss for over 8 years and have a new passion for healthy living. The HCG Diet has completely changed my life.

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