Ready to start the Hcg Diet Plan? If so, you are already asking yourself, where to buy HCG right?

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The HCG diet combines a specific list of foods, with a daily dose of HCG, or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin as injections. Safe for women as well as men, countless dieters have used the HCG diet to lose weight and improve their health.

In your browsing and research, you have no doubt found countless websites offering HCG Injections and similar products for the diet. However, finding a reliable and trustworthy source for injections, can still be extremely challenging. Before you buy your HCG online, it is important to know beforehand, that you are buying exactly what is required, and from a highly respected and reliable company. Lucky for you, I have done this research for you, for your convenience and to make your weight loss experience as effortless as possible.

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What is the BEST Type of HCG Injection Kits to Buy?

When purchasing injection kits, it is important that your kit includes all required supplies. Not only is this convenient, but it avoids the issue of receiving your order after eagerly waiting… and then finding that you still need to find necessary items that were not included afterall.  The easiest way to avoid this mishap, is to be certain beforehand, that the merchant you order your injections of HCG from, includes absolutely everything that is essential.  At the very least, you want to be sure your order includes HCG that is unmixed powder form (never get HCG that is already mixed on arrival.)  You also want to be sure that your product is placed in the refrigerator immediately upon delivery. This is to avoid having the HCG lose potency.

A complete kit will include HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), bacteriostatic water, mixing syringes, needles for injection, sterile mixing vial, and alcohol wipes.

HCG in its powdered form, will arrive in a small vial with a rubber top, and should be purchased in amounts of 5000iu.

Another essential for your checklist, is to be sure you are buying REAL injections of HCG, and not counterfeit or hormone free products (most commonly sold by pharmacies outside of the USA.) This is not pure HCG and can not only result in serious challenges (stalling or lack of loss altogether, or unable to sustain loss afterward) while on the diet, but can also be dangerous with serious side effects, including illness, hair loss, fainting, and even fatality.) Having the REAL stuff, is essential!

All dieters are advised to ONLY purchase injections in 5000iu vials of HCG. Depending on your dosage amount, this should be sufficient for a regular length round (Duration of loading days + phase 2.) This is also sufficient for losing 15 to 20 pounds or less.  If you have more to lose, it is best to select a double kit, which lasts for 2 rounds, OR 1 long round of up to 40 days (Simeons recommended maximum.)  Most dieters find the recommended dose of 150iu is sufficient, although average HCG dosage is 125iu to 175iu. You will want to calculate and make sure you have enough solution for the length of time you will need to reach your goal.

Note that if you feel hunger during this period, it is almost always corrected by LOWERING your dosage, rather than increasing.

Another important feature to look for, is the most accurate and comfortable needles to use for your injections. The recommended sizes are 1/2″ to 5/16″ in length. These are adequate for subcutaneous injections into the fatty tissue just under the skin. Longer needles can be used if you prefer intramuscular injections, however this can be more painful and is known not to be necessary for the diet to work.

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Can I Buy HCG Injections Without a Prescription?

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Authentic HCG will ALWAYS require a prescription, however there are a few legitimate telemedicine sources that include the prescription with your HCG injections. This is offered only through the medical practice known as telehealth.  This practice allows the individual to complete a medical background questionnaire online, at the time of placing an order. This is a short form, and can even be completed via mobile phone or tablet.  This is then reviewed by a licensed medical doctor, prior to their telephone or video consultation. Once the doctor is satisfied you are a viable candidate to safely use HCG injections for weight loss, they approve the prescription and submit this to their pharmacy. Note that not all individuals will be approved for the program, based on their health background.

Regarding overseas providers, these online “pharmacies” claim to provide a prescription with your order. This is not legal in the eyes of the USA, UK, or Australian governments.  In addition, it is considered a felony to import these products without a legitimate prescription from a licensed medical doctor in your country.  This is an additional risk to the fact that their products are known counterfeits of American brands, and not considered safe for use with the diet.

Purchase from the United States or Overseas?

hcg injection kit usaThere is no question, that purchasing injections from a pharmacy that is in the United States, is the safest route to go.  However, it can be tempting to buy from an overseas source that offers incredibly low pricing. The fact is, there is a reason these prices are “too good to be true.”

HCG sold overseas is counterfeit, fake, and often expired. In addition, there have been countless reports in the HCG Diet Info forums, where overseas HCG was tested, only to find there was no hormone in the solution at all.

It is also important to understand how these sources work. They are not actual pharmacies, but middle men, that source products made in factories all over the world; china, haiti, and india. These products are manufactured without the strict regulations of the FDA, and are known to cause serious side effects and produce a number of challenges while on the diet, due to their extremely low potency.

Aside from safety, there are a number of benefits for purchasing within the United States. For instance, there is no risk of having your order confiscated by customs. Instead, delivery takes only a few days, with faster order processing and the comfort of having a licensed doctor to consult with.

The founder of has written a well-researched and documented article on the dangers of purchasing Hcg injections and supplies from India and overseas here.

Please beware of ANYONE who recommends ordering from overseas as they are most certainly an unreliable and untrustworthy source of information.

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HCG Shot Video

For those who are uncomfortable with the idea of taking injections, here is a video that offers step by step instruction and demonstration for injecting HCG hormone.  While HCG drops and pellets are still an option, injections continue to be the most successful when it comes to the protocol. After watching this video, you will notice that it is surprisingly simple to use needles for injection and not nearly as frightening or challenging as imagined.

Where to Buy HCG Injections (the REAL stuff!)

Now that we have covered the basics of how and what to purchase in your HCG kit, and the benefits of buying from the United States vs. overseas, it is important to choose a supplier that can be trusted. While there are a number of sources offering specials and ultra fast shipping, it is still wise to take care with who you ultimately select. Here are a few HCG injection providers that I have personally used and recommend.  They match all of the benefits and requirements described in this guide, and are the most popular choices online.

My Recommended Sources

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  • 1 Year support from licensed nutritionist
  • Professional weight loss coach assigned to each patient
  • Option to add Hcg Diet support products such as B12, lipotropics, appetite suppressants, etc.
  • Overnight fast shipping available

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#2. Nu Image Medical

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  • Valid prescription included
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  • Option to include Hcg Diet friendly add-ons: B12, Lipotropics, Shakes, Appetite suppressants, and more
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the HCG Hormone, really? Human chorionic gonadotropin, or HCG, is a pro-hormone that exists in both men and women. It is produced in mass quantities by women during pregnancy, and plays a vital role in releasing fat cells to nourish a growing fetus. While HCG injections are most commonly prescribed for infertility in women, and testosterone therapy for men, it is also prescribed to support healthy weight loss.

What is the HCG Diet Plan? The HCG Diet is based on the research of renowned endocrinologist, Dr. A.T.W. Simeons. Through years of work, Dr. Simeons established the weight loss protocol, utilizing a daily dose of Hcg, a VLCD (very low calorie diet) and extremely well-detailed guidelines.

How does HCG work for weight loss? The hormone is believed to serve as the catalyst in the Hcg Diet weight loss process.  3 reasons Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is believed to work:  1. Appetite suppression. 2. Muscle retention. 3. Release of adipose fat tissue.  Through these effects, the dieter is able to navigate the 500 calorie diet, while maintaining a metabolic rate that would normally slow during calorie restriction.

How much is the cost for genuine HCG injections? Authentic Hcg injection kits cost between $200 and $500 online. This is significantly less than local clinics, which charge anywhere from $700 to $300 for an Hcg weight loss program.  The prices through this page, are discounted exclusively for our readers, and include all supplies as well as doctor services without hidden costs.

Is it legal to purchase Hcg online? Yes, it is 100% legal, as long as it is through a legitimate, FDA accredited telehealth clinic in the USA.

A few last words from me!

I hope this guide has helped in your research. My goal has been to answer all of your questions on how and where to purchase HCG injections online- even those you didn’t know you had.  Whichever company you choose to order your injections, please take your time, and do your homework. There are only a few legitimate sources to buy the real thing, and your decision can make or break your weight loss journey. Ultimately, remember the most important factor, is to find the best place to buy HCG injections, for your personal needs and safety.

Should you have any further questions about HCG injections, please feel free to visit my resources page, or reach out to me through my contact page.  I wish you safety and success throughout your journey!

Testimonials and Customer Feedback

I just wanted to thank you for answering all my questions and making purchasing my Hcg shots ridiculously easy. Your guide answered all of my questions and allowed me to choose a solid source for my weight loss program. Had I not read your guide first, I most certainly would have made the mistake of going for the cheapest option. After reading this, I searched for reviews on the cheapy companies and quickly found what you said to be true about overseas companies. Thank you so very much and keep up the great work! – Tina B., Denver

Last year, I bought from an overseas pharmacy. I had serious side effects, including mass hair loss. I was so scared….I had no intention of trying the diet again, until I came across your site while researching how to correct Hcg hair loss. After reading this, I asked the Hcg Diet coaches at hdi and quickly realized it was the chemical fillers used in the india hcg that had caused the issue. Since then…I have only bought USA hcg and I have now completed 3 rounds and lost over 100 pounds. I’m enjoying my new wardrobe and feeling like a teenager again!!! – Rhi Louisiana